Welcome to Jordan Pak Hoi Kindergarten!
International English Chinese School

This is where the values begin. We help children thrive so we turn good kids to better children.
Jordan Pak Hoi is where your children thrive so we can help children reach their greatest potential.
We are a Chinese and English bilingual school.

歡迎! 佐敦北海幼稚園


We are the bridge between children’s readiness for school and family support contributing to children’s readiness for school successfully for over 50 years and helping children and families with diversified ethnicity and background.


We focus on 5 key areas of young children early development and learning:

1. Emotional Well-Being and Social Competence,   2. Approaches to Learning and Communicative Skills
3. Cognition,   4. General Knowledge Skills,   5. Health/Physical Development,
because a child's success in school is contingent upon these 5 key areas of development and learning.


1.良好情緒與團體社交能力  2.學習與溝通技巧  3.認知能力  4.基本常識理解  5.健康與體能發展.

Positive at new time

We are the new age adapting to the on-going new time. On graduation day, children have completed the better level, that’s what we called ‘graduation’, it’s a winning! 

I believe positive thinking drives, as I believe ‘Positive’ in teachers, children, parents, attitude, management, mentality, communication, and interaction. 

So, what do we do? We are always there with our children. We read with them. We count with them. We talk and Explain to them. We’re as coaches to them. We will always keep trying; we will encourage children to always keep trying. We contribute to help anytime, and we give supports to children all the time. Together, we're encouraging and helping children to understand but not forcing. 

Children have many teachers, many school teachers, but only 2 home teachers, their moms and dads. So I like to give thanks to our principle and to all the teachers who have been loving and caring children as the way of teaching them month after month, day after day relentlessly. All our children are living through their 3 years of preschool learning, socializing and getting ready for school happily every day at Jordan Pak Hoi Kindergarten. I appreciate all the parents who have trusted us and let us teach your children with love and care; I like to give thanks to all our children who have given us the happiest laughter because I know we have gained your smiles. 

We believe in Success. The New Time Beginning of the Ending Old Time, as I would see this is the current trend of Hong Kong and even globally. We must keep up-to-date with the trending forward changes and requirements necessary for maintaining effectiveness in the moving on new time era. Therefore, now is the best time for us to look forward into the trending new time a little more because Jordan Pak Hoi Kindergarten will be taking on new challenges to become more effective in the upcoming new trend of preschool education in Hong Kong. Jordan Pak Hoi Kindergarten will become more independently to apply its core mission, which is, to simply concentrate on helping young children with love and care in the 3 years of their first 5 years of preschool learning for the purpose of getting ready for school. Jordan Pak Hoi Kindergarten teaches preschool children without any binding issues and policies but with seamless love and care from the heart. 

We strive to do our job free of limitation, free of unfair and unjust regulations and policy, and free of constrains and restrains. We will fight for the best to give the very best for children. It’s just that simple!

Let the children have the sense of motivated, let the children have the sense of pride. I believe in children's future, let them take the lead; so before they do that, we will help them learn to achieve, help them bring out the best of themselves, the most righteousness of them.

Our Core Programs

1. Interactive Learning Activity Program,             2. Targeted Advance Academic Program,
3. Thinking and Science Activity Program,            4. Physical and Health Training Program,
5. Family and Community Communication Program

We are a school of focused teaching so children will learn with more interaction, more attention, more individual helping, more creativity, more motivation, more personal caring, and more learning tools.


I Am A Star

We have always been ready to help young children enter school
physically and emotionally healthily, we are ready and prepared to help young children to succeed as they enter primary school.我們一直以來都準備好幫助幼兒學童以健康生理心理進入和接受學前教育.我們亦已準備好幫助幼童學習幼兒教育繼而成功地進入小學,中學和大學教育.